‘Motherhood feels like an unrealistic dream.’: Woman pens open letter to the ‘sweet mama who didn’t have to wait’

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“Motherhood feels like an unrealistic dream.

For so many like myself, it’s a constant wonder what life is like for mamas who didn’t have to wait.

Dreaming of what it’s like to conceive naturally and effortlessly. That concept is so foreign.

Dreaming of the moment in time of deciding you and your partner are ready and it simply happening.

Dreaming of baby names and being able to print them on birth certificates, child by child without second thoughts of if there will be another child.

Dreaming of the pure joy that comes from a little person calling me ‘mama.’

Dreaming of the surprise in those 2 pink lines without having endured so much for them.

Dreaming of the beauty and connection of growing a sweet little baby inside my womb.

Oftentimes I get told, ‘I can’t imagine what you’re going through.’ Every time I think to myself that I’d never want you to. My Journey with IVF on Instagram said it perfectly and provided a great perspective to the above statement.

‘Look at your baby knowing all you know about how much you love your child and how you would do anything for them. Now imagine them on the other side of a door. There is no key and you try everything to get to them, but nothing is working. You feel hopeless and scared. That’s how I feel every day.’

So sweet mama who didn’t have to wait, I’m writing this in the hopes you consider how much of a blessing that your story is nothing like mine and so many others. I want you to know just like I’ll never understand what it’s like to just get pregnant, you’ll never understand what it’s like to wait. And I pray you never have to.

Our stories are very different. And while I don’t know how hard motherhood is, I do know how it feels to wait, dream, and wonder if I’ll ever get to experience it.

So today sweet mama, I ask you to simply realize how fortunate you are that you didn’t have to wait. How fortunate you are that my journey and so many others feel so unimaginable. Give those sweet babies all the kisses and hugs, tell them you love them. That even on the hard days you wouldn’t trade them for anything. Because some of us only dream of doing so.”⠀

Courtesy of Brianna

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