‘My dad had other ideas…’: Father hilariously intervenes at daughter’s marriage proposal

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“Levi told me we were going to be meeting my parents for breakfast that morning, but he wanted to run our dog, Ace, before hand. Ace is a German Shorthaired Pointer who is completely full of energy all of the time, so we try to free-run him in the desert everyday for 30 minutes to 1.5 hours.

Since it’s been cold, we just drive while he runs. While we were driving that morning, he looked over and asked me, ‘What’s that over there?’ I looked and it said, ‘Marry Me?’

I immediately started crying. Overwhelmed with joy, we got out of the truck, and he got down on one knee.

Man proposes to woman on plain with mountains in background
Ashlee Barron
Man and woman hug as woman looks at engagement ring with words, "marry me" written on ground
Ashlee Barron

My mom and sister were hiding near us to take the pictures. On the other side of the mountain, my dad, his mom and stepdad, and my grandparents were there waiting. They were all there to help set up beforehand. I of course said yes!

Man hugs and holds fiancee in air after proposal
Ashlee Barron

We walked over to the other side of the mountain and my dad was holding up his sign that said, ‘Say NO.’ Levi and I both got a good laugh out of it!

Father of woman being proposed to holds up sign saying, "say no"
Ashlee Barron

Levi asked my dad for his permission to marry me beforehand. My parents, sister, his mom and stepdad, as well as my grandparents all helped out with the proposal. The proposal took place in Winnemucca, Nevada.

The letters were cut out of sheets and needed to be nailed into the ground, so my dad brought his sign with him when helping set up. Even Levi didn’t know my dad had made the sign, so it was a funny surprise for both of us. My dad was completely joking with the sign and really likes Levi! It’s really just his personality.

Woman who was just proposed to stands with bouquet of flowers with sister and fiancee
Ashlee Barron

My family and I have always been very close! Once Levi came along, they welcomed him right into the family. We all have a great relationship and do a lot together. We enjoy snowboarding, playing softball, and camping, to name just a few things.

We are planning on having the wedding in Lamoille, Nevada, sometime this fall. We are very excited for this next step in our life and to be spending it with people we love.

Woman smiles while holding bouquet of flowers in one hand while holding out other hand with engagement ring
Ashlee Barron
Man and woman kiss after proposal with words, "Marry me" on ground in background
Ashlee Barron

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