‘No matter WHAT you see on the internet, NO ONE has it all together.’: Mom of twins gives early motherhood advice, ‘It’s a game of ‘winging it’

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“If you’re a new mom, this post is for you.

In the photo below, on the left, I thought I was going to be way more of an expert at being a mom than what I really was. I n reality, there was so much I didn’t know, and a lot I wasn’t prepared for. On the right, I’m finally on the other side of ‘survival mode.’ But I’m definitely still trying to figure it all out, just with a bit more wisdom and appreciation.

If I were to share my top 5 pearls of twin mom wisdom with the pregnant me, I would say this:

The first year is the hardest and, in my opinion, 3 is a harder age than 2, but I promise you’ll get through it.

Sleep will return eventually, just be patient with your growing babies. They need you.

Any time someone offers you help, especially right after giving birth, don’t fight it. No matter how hard it is, just say yes. You’ll thank yourself later.

Mom guilt will inevitably creep up on you for one reason or another. Just brush it off and move on. You’re incredible and you’re doing the best you can.

You’re never going to have all the answers, it’s a constant game of ‘winging it.’ And trust me, we are ALL winging it. No matter what you see on the internet, there is not one single mom out there who truly has it all together.

Even just 3.5 years into twin motherhood, I find myself constantly saying, ‘Wow, I did it!’ at the end of each phase. We all do. Again and again. The truth is, each stage is tough. But it just keeps making us tougher. I write this to not only share my own learned pearls, but also to remind you none of this is easy, all of this is a blessing, and everyone is figuring this out together.

Keep it up because you’re doing an amazing job!”

Pregnant mom and mom with twins holding her legs
Courtesy of Michelle

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