‘Scrolling through Facebook, a photo of my high school friend grabbed a hold of me and wouldn’t let go.’: Woman celebrates moms ‘forging ahead’ during unpredictable pandemic

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“I know this year felt like nothing but a flurry of masks, distance, and pain.

I know it’s been hard.

But I’m convinced it’s been beautiful too.

Scrolling through Facebook yesterday, this picture of my sweet high school friend grabbed a hold of me and wouldn’t let go.

You see, like so many others, this girl has had a really trying year.

In addition to everything else we know a pandemic throws a person’s way, this young mom of three girls has seen her primary income reduced by nearly half.

But the thing that made my heart grow about three sizes was seeing that she has refused to let it break her.

Even though it’s meant hours upon hours spent tediously painting Mason jars and filling them with flowers. Even though it’s meant stepping completely out of her comfort zone, and selling her handmade goods at a craft fair.

Without a second thought, this mama constructed a plan and simply forged ahead.

And she’s doing it in the name of providing for her daughters.

She’s doing it in the name of putting food on the table.

She’s doing it in the name of putting presents under the Christmas tree this year.

You see, 2020 handed this girl lemons, and she decided to make some lemonade.

And I can only imagine that she represents countless others who are in the exact same shoes.

I can only imagine that oodles of people out there have been hit equally as hard financially this year, but have also determined to make the best of things, selflessly coordinating their own ‘plan b’ in the name of taking care of the ones they love most.

And I just feel like in a world that’s been flipped completely upside down, that could not be more beautiful.”

Courtesy of Erin Eddy
Courtesy of Erin Eddy
Courtesy of Erin Eddy

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