‘She walks slowly toward labor and delivery, cradling her tight, swollen belly. Life as she knows it will never be the same.’: Woman urges to new moms ‘you are completely enough’

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“She walks slowly toward labor and delivery, cradling her tight, swollen belly. A loving gesture she doesn’t even realize she’s making, and soon it’ll be gone.

Lit up harshly against the still of the night sky, sterile corridors have never seemed so inviting — conjuring emotions of relief, excitement, and terror.

A path journeyed by so many women before her, and even though she’s surrounded by support, she’s somehow never felt more alone.

As waves of contractions momentarily take her away from this earth, she pauses quickly to catch her breath, steady her nerves, and calm her mind.

Realization washes over her that life as she knows it will never be the same. Arriving now as two and leaving as three. Her newly formed family unit.

Entering a woman, seemingly perfect in every way. Only to be shaken up, rearranged, and put back together completely transformed.

Journeying back down those same corridors, with her belly now empty. The weight of her world snuggled safely in her arms. Departing as a mother.

If these halls could speak, oh the tales they could tell. Walls containing the echoes of guttural cries we didn’t know existed within us. Primal noises only heard during the most sacred of life’s events. Witnessing emotion so vulnerable and raw it’s almost indescribable.

And behind each door, a different woman, different family, different story — but all with a common goal of welcoming a healthy baby.

She’s the same woman, of course, but different. Physically, the change is plain to see.

But emotionally and mentally, there’s been a shift. One she may not realize the full extent of for months to come. New ideals, new dreams, with traits she’s always possessed deep down having been newly ignited. A fierce fire burning within.

Because she now understands the importance of her role. The honor bestowed on her. The responsibility and unconditional love required for not only a child but herself.

Mama, can’t you see your transformation?

I wish those corridors could applaud you.
Then you would see the strength you possess.

I wish those halls could rock you.
To ensure you felt safe and supported.

I wish those walls could whisper.
So you would know that however your birth played out, you were amazing!

Then in the weeks to come, when it all feels too much, too hard or too lonely, you’ll listen to that inner voice and know with absolute conviction, you are completely enough.”

Courtesy of Birth by Barkenbom
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