There’s No Prize For Burnt Out Mother Of The Year, Take A F**king Break

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“Take a f**king break.
You can’t just keep going and going and going.
When you’re sleep deprived.
Touched out.
Trying to juggle Motherhood and life.
You HAVE to take a break.

couple arm in arm
Courtesy of Sarah

There’s no prize for burnt the f**k out Mother of the year.
You don’t get kudos for trying to do it all, while neglecting your Health.
Take a F**king break Mama.
It’s ok.
You deserve it.
You’ll benefit greatly from it.
And so will your kids.
Make time.
Whether it’s five minutes, or five hours.
Make the time.
You’re important.
Your kids need you at your best.
So do you.
Take. A. Fu*king. Break. Mama.”

family portrait outside
Courtesy of Sarah

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