‘Every couple has fought on the way to a party, only to step out of the car smiling. We post pictures of our kids melting down, but never share photos crying after an ugly argument.’

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“The other day, I was complaining about Dave to a former high school classmate. ‘Wait,’ she said. ‘You and Dave fight?’ It had been a while since we had been in touch, and all she knew was what I put on Facebook. I explained to her that Dave leaves a trail of cups and socks wherever he goes. He can never ever find his phone.

We hit a rough spot when Dave tried to save money by patching our driveway himself. He watched some YouTube videos and got to work. Equipment kept arriving in the mail: gallons of sealer spread, a miniature jackhammer, special shoes. He tracked tar into every room in our house like a dog with a bloody paw. In the end, Dave constructed an asphalt ski mogul.

I erupted after the girls went to bed. We had only recently moved into our home, and I was worried about what the neighbors would think. I was furious about the fumes and the trail of black footprints.

‘Every time you try to fix something you only make it worse!,’ I screamed. ‘You are not handy!’

Courtesy of Rachel Paula Abrahamson
Courtesy of Rachel Paula Abrahamson

Dave was apologetic. He repeated he was sorry and promised that in the spring, we’d hire a professional to do the work. But I kept yelling — and not just about the driveway. I yelled at him about throwing wet towels on our bed and for feeding the kids cereal bars for dinner. I ranted about beard trimmings in the bathroom sink.

And then Dave, who never raises his voice, started yelling that I am not affectionate enough and I catastrophize everything.

‘Honestly,’ he said. ‘Sometimes it’s really hard being married to you.’

The next day, I did an Instagram Story of Dave doing a silly dance in our kitchen. Look at our happy life! No problems here!

I adore my husband. He is a family man. He has endless patience. When he snores, I’ll move to the guest room, but I always end up back in our bed because I miss him. He’s going to Maryland on business and scheduled time to visit with my grandmother. I had no idea until I saw him googling the distance between his hotel and her nursing home.

‘Wait. You’re going to see Bea?,’ I asked.

‘Of course,’ he replied. ‘Why wouldn’t I?’

Courtesy of Rachel Paula Abrahamson

I am so lucky. We have a wonderful marriage. But we also have bad days where I dread the sound of his car pulling into the garage. Occasionally, we argue in front of our kids — though we try to make up in front of them too. Sometimes when I’m really mad, I imagine what my life would look like as a single mom. This is normal. It’s OK.

I don’t expect people to start venting about their relationships on social media, nor do I recommend it. Friends will hold grudges against your spouse long after you have moved on.

Every day I have to remind myself that Instagram is simply a highlight reel, especially when it comes to relationships. We post pictures of kids melting down in a supermarket, but we never share photos of ourselves crying after an ugly argument.

Know that every couple has fought on the way to a party, only to step out of the car smiling.”

Courtesy of Rachel Paula Abrahamson

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