‘They called for another baby!’ Henry and his twin brother were born micro preemies. Sadly, his twin passed away. Henry was put into foster care. I stood there staring at the message.’

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“I’ve fallen in love with another man. (Don’t tell my husband) Everyone, meet Henry. Ladies man, lashes for days, and the best smile in the world. Henry is a little warrior.

Henry and his twin brother, Bryson, were born micro preemies at 25 weeks. Both were born with brain bleeds and sadly, Henry’s twin passed away two months after their birth.

Doctors were unsure if Henry would be able to pull through. He was put directly into foster care after being released from the NICU.

Little boy smiles as he sits next to sign that says, "I was in foster care for 472 days..."
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We got the call when he 10 months old. At the time, my husband, Wayne, and I were fostering a baby girl suffering from shaken baby syndrome. We had already adopted 3 children, all who have special needs. We had ‘Baby C’ for 8 months before she was placed with a relative, and it wasn’t even two weeks later that we received a call about Henry. Losing ‘Baby C’ was heavy on my mind. Although I knew it was God’s will for her to go, it didn’t help my heart. The loss was hard.

Husband and wife sit on ground outside with their three adopted children with special needs in their laps
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I was standing in the kitchen one day when my phone chimed. It was a message from Kim Young, Vice President of The Bair Foundation. She had information about a 10-month-old baby boy who was in need of a forever home. I stood there staring at the message. I waited for Wayne to get home from work and met him at the door. ‘They called for another baby!’ We were able to FaceTime Henry that same day. It was the first time we met our precious boy. He blew kisses into the phone at us and we were in love.

Screenshot of FaceTime call husband and wife had with baby on oxygen who needed a home
Courtesy of Lacey Rexroth

Henry came to live with us just after his 1st birthday. We officially adopted him in January. We named him Henry Bryson in honor of his twin brother.

Woman sits as she smiles down at adopted son in her lap
Courtesy of Lacey Rexroth

Henry is slightly delayed due to the brain bleed at birth, but is catching up quickly. He’s unable to walk and may develop cerebral palsy as he grows but is being monitored closely by his doctors.

Henry has the most amazing personality. He loves the ladies and bats his lashes at them all the time. His smile and laugh are infectious.

Adopted little boy sits in white chair smiling
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Little boy who was adopted sits in white chair laughing for photoshoot
Sweet Serendipity Photography

I find myself thinking of his twin often, wondering what it would’ve been like having two Henry’s. He is a part of Henry, who is now a part of me. Bryson will always be remembered in our home.

When Henry came to us, he was barely sitting up on his own. He now crawls and pulls himself up on everything! I believe he’ll be walking very soon. His speech is excellent. His favorite thing to say is, ‘I’m busy!,’ when he’s called. He loves his siblings and always greets them with, ‘Hi Sissy!’ and ‘Hi Brother!’ He melts every heart he meets.

Adopted baby boy lies on his stomach holding arms of his holder sister
Courtesy of Lacey Rexroth
Adopted baby boy lays on his back with his mouth open as he smiles
Courtesy of Lacey Rexroth

We are now proud parents of 4 beautiful babies all from different pasts, but will all have the same future. Our main goal in life is to make sure every single day of their lives they will know they are loved and cherished. We have since started a page ‘Unbroken Arrows’ named after one of my favorite bible verses, psalms 127:4, hoping to inspire others to open their hearts to foster-care and adoption. The need is great.”

Adopted little boy sits in white chair smiling for photoshoot
Sweet Serendipity Photography
Husband and wife sit on steps outside with their four adopted children in their laps
Courtesy of Lacey Rexroth

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