‘What you see is what you get. If you only see the world’s problems, THAT’S what you’ll get.’: Woman urges ‘focus on what gives you peace’

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“What you see is what you get.

If all you see around you are your or the world’s problems, challenges, and things that irritate you, then that’s surely what you’ll get and be uncomfortably bombarded by.

BUT…if all you see when you look around you is beauty in the ordinary, opportunities for growth in the awkward or confusing and hard, goodness being executed in even the smallest of doses and fleeting of moments, God’s work, and occasions to execute love in any form, then THAT is what you will get.

It’s always been hard for us multitasking, perfectionism-seeking, goal-driven, anxious American adults to stay focused on the positive and to ignore and cast aside any and all negative.

And nothing has been harder than having to try to stay in your lane, live purposefully, mindfully, and with lasting gratitude, during the seemingly never-ending (and, perhaps, disastrous?) year that is 2020.

Living through a pandemic.

Living through racial unrest.

Living through general civil unrest.

Living through a divisive election.

Living distanced from those you love and care about.

Having to work and educate your children under the same roof.

And, turning into a pretty regular grumpy Gus who just feels overwhelmed by the weight of all of it and a bit saddened by the monotony of your every Groundhog Day.

But hear me when I sayfor my ears and benefit as much as any of yourswhat we see is what we get, and I wanna get peace and fulfillment, and so I’m focusing on noticing, seeking out, holding to, and being unconditionally thankful for the people and things bringing me both, and I think you should, too.”

Courtesy of Nicole Merritt

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