‘Maybe she’s not a bad friend. Maybe she really did miss your text. Her plate is completely full, and she’s coping the best way she knows how.’: Woman urges ‘love each other through the tough seasons’

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“Maybe she’s blowing you off. Maybe she’s a bad friend. Maybe she is keeping you in her back pocket for a rainy day. Maybe she’s fake. Maybe she’s fickle. Maybe she’s petty. Maybe she’s a bad fit for you.

It’s entirely possible.

Or maybe she’s busy. Maybe her plate is completely full. Maybe she’s coping the best way she knows how. Maybe she’s stressed. Maybe she’s maxed out. Maybe stuff isn’t going her way, and she’s saving her energy.

Maybe she really did miss your text.

Maybe she is overwhelmed with kids, family, and bills. Maybe she’s trying her best, but her best isn’t much right now. Maybe anxiety is getting in the way and rearing its ugly head, as it so often does.

Maybe it has nothing to do with you at all. Maybe it’s about her.

There are a bajillion-million reasons she might be falling short. Maybe it really is that things have run their course. It’s a sad part of life, but it is, nonetheless, a part of life. Only you can make that call.

But, then again, maybe it’s something else. Don’t forget to give the benefit of the doubt. Don’t forget to cut her some slack. Don’t forget to forgive. Don’t forget sometimes friendship means loving each other through the tough seasons, and the rainy weather, and all the ups and downs.”

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