“I put SO much energy into getting rid of this ‘horrible disorder.’ As her mom, I needed to fix her.’: Mom of Autistic daughter fights for acceptance

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“I will never forget the day Remy got her autism diagnosis. I was scared. I was worried. I was trying to picture what kind of adult she would become having autism.

I was wondering what tactics I could use to get rid of  ‘the autism.’ Should I put her on a strict diet? Should I put her in therapy for 60 hours a week? That would surely do it, right?

I remember putting so much of my energy into getting rid of this horrible disorder, I didn’t realize I was putting my energy into the wrong thing.

I thought Remy was broken. I felt as her mom, I needed to fix her. But all the while, Remy was teaching me a perspective I wasn’t able to see before.

She taught me just because she has autism, doesn’t mean her purpose is any less than anyone else’s.

She has shown me autism is a language. It’s a different operating system. If you have been using PCs your whole life and someone gives you a MAC, sure you can try and program that MAC to be a PC, but it functions much better as a MAC.

But in a world of PCs, it’s also crucial a MAC can work with other programs. So, where I once thought I needed to change herso she would be more normal, I now realize it’s me who needs to adapt. In understanding her operating system better, I can help her learn ours much more effectively, too.

This little girl has changed my life. Autism, epilepsy, and all. For someone who has a long list of things she can’t do, the list of things she can has much more of an impact in this world.

People with autism go through a lot, but they are not broken. The quicker we learn that, the faster we can see the gift for what it is.”

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