‘Your to-do list will keep growing. The emails will continue to flood in. The texts will sit unanswered.’: Mom urges ‘everything else can wait, you only get one chance to raise your kids’

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“You only get one chance to raise your kids.

Your boss will give you plenty of opportunities to work harder.

Your to-do list will keep on growing.

Your friends, if they’re good ones, will roll with the punches and understand when you have to graciously decline…again.

Your spouse was there before them and will be there after them—a whole other post for another day.

Your newsfeed will scroll on with or without you.

But your children, they grow right before your eyes.

Their tiny voices change overnight.

Their giggles and tears start and end with you…until they don’t.

Their wonder for the world around them is just the right amount of beauty you need at the start and end of each day.

The emails will continue to flood in.

The texts will sit unanswered.

That ladder will always be there to climb, but parenting is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

On the days where you think you’re getting it wrong, just remember this is your chance to shine.

One day at a time.

And don’t you dare apologize to anyone for putting your family first.

Everything, and I mean literally everything, can wait.”

Courtesy of Sabrina French

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