‘I’ve NEVER regretted following my mama gut. I fight for him when others give up.’: Mom to Autistic son says ‘it’s a privilege to be a voice for him’

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“You know what I’ve never regretted? Following my mama gut.

Though sometimes I grow weary of having to be the expert.

I want to go to someone and let them do all the work for me. I want them to ask the questions. I want them to do the research. I want them to give me the solution. I want them to fight for my son like I do.

BUT then I remind myself what a privilege it is to be a voice for my child.

To see him in a way no one else does.

To believe in him in a way no one else can comprehend.

To want more for him because I love him with all I am.

To fight for him when others may have given up.

I couldn’t care less what others think when they see me trusting my gut and digging in deeper.

Because if I don’t do it, then who will?

If I didn’t ask the questions…

If I didn’t do the work…

If I didn’t advocate for him…

We wouldn’t be where we are today.

Despite the difficulties, the unknowns, the roadblocks, and the frustrations we are sure to face ahead…

I will listen to my mama gut and I WILL KEEP PRESSING.

Because he is 10000% worth it.”

Courtesy of Leah Debity

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