‘As I sat on the toilet in tears, I heard a voice call to me. ‘Look out your window!’: Mom touched by sick neighbor’s act of kindness, ‘You’re not alone, even if you think you are’

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“Today I finally ran out of toilet paper, as our small town is still waiting on promised re-stocks. We knew this was potentially coming, but I didn’t expect it to hit so hard.

I sat on the toilet in tears and just sobbed. It was more than about just toilet paper. It was all the stress and worry I’ve been keeping inside to shield my kids.

This past week has felt the heaviest of all.

Courtesy of Grace O’Connell

At first, my family and I were having fun finding creative ways to learn and seek adventure from the comfort of our home.

Now, we’re fresh out of ideas, filled with dread as more and more distant friends and family fall ill, and waiting for this all to be over.

As I sat on the toilet, letting out literal crocodile tears for 5 minutes or so, I heard a voice call to me. I was surprised to find it was not just the quarantine getting to me, but an actual voice! It said, ‘Look out your window!’

I twisted around and it was then that I noticed my window was about a foot or so of the way open. Had someone heard me crying?! My cheeks felt hot with embarrassment.

You see, my neighbor’s bathroom window falls right smack against ours. I’d say it’s just a small handful of feet away. We know this because we’ve joked about it a few times before and even waved hello once as we simultaneously found ourselves doing Sunday morning bathroom cleaning.

I looked to find my neighbor’s hand hanging out of the window with a roll of toilet paper. I immediately dried my tears and let out a soft giggle.

I asked, ‘How ON EARTH did you know I needed this?’

This angel of a neighbor literally delivered toilet paper to me through her WINDOW.

She replied, ‘Babe, you’ve been crying for like 10 minutes from your bathroom window. Just a hot guess. You need this more than I do.’

Now I was crying happy tears!

What you don’t know is that my neighbor has been battling COVID-19 for two weeks now. And she gave up her toilet paper, for ME.

And that folks, is a great neighbor.

Today I’ve learned that you’re not alone in this thing, even if it feels like you are.

And life gets better than your neighbor embarrassingly hearing your poop sobs!

Kindness is free, y’all. Most grateful wipe I’ve ever had!

PS – No one was harmed by this act of kindness. My neighbor Mary made sure to wash her surfaces and hands well before contact with the paper.”

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Courtesy of Grace O’Connell

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