‘Not sure who’s crazier: me or the 13 mamas who decided to take on a group cake smash!’: Photographer shares hilarious newborn photoshoot

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“My love for children and babies has always been present in my life. So, when my passion for photography awakened, I wasn’t surprised that children were my main focus. I got really serious about photography around the same time I met Trish. Trish Baker became a mom for the second time last summer when Lauren was born. She contacted me to do her daughter’s newborn session and I have done photos for her lovely family ever since.

Fast forward a year later.

Trish is a part of a mom group who are an amazing team. There are 15 moms and 15 babies in this group ranging from 6 months to one year old. She describes this epic mom tribe as coming from ‘different age groups, careers and walks of life – all with one thing in common: their precious babies.’ They started with weekly get togethers and quickly become so much more. They are all now close friends who share parenting advice, milestones and celebrations, helping each other navigate through the ups and downs of parenting.

13 mothers stand in a line outside holding their toddlers who are about to participate in cake smash
Alisha O’Keefe – Photographer

Trish contacted me to do a huge group cake smash with all the babies about a month ago. I had never done anything like that and my nerves were a mess! On Sunday, August 12, Trish met me in my parent’s front yard where all the cuteness and chaos was to begin!

Shirtless infants sit in line with colorful cakes in front of them
Alisha O’Keefe – Photographer

We set up all the cakes, laid down blankets, and all the babies started to show up. It was incredible to be around so many babies at once. They were all such good friends at such a young age. To see that really did my heart good.

Infants sitting on ground in line with colorful frosting on them
Alisha O’Keefe – Photographer

The cake smash was HILARIOUS. All the mommas lined up with babies in hand. On the count of three they sat their babies down and ran behind me!

Infants sitting on ground in line with colorful cakes in front of them
Alisha O’Keefe – Photographer

I snapped as many photos as possible before most of the babies had complete meltdowns (as seen in photos LOL)

Infants sitting on ground with cake in front of them and frosting on them
Alisha O’Keefe – Photographer
Three infants sit on ground crying with cake in front of them
Alisha O’Keefe – Photographer
Shirtless toddlers sitting in line with cake in front of them
Alisha O’Keefe – Photographer

It was total chaos, but absolutely adorable at the same time.

All the babies just wanted a snuggle from mom or to have their fingers and toes cleaned off.

Infant with pink cake in front of her and frosting on her hands and mouth
Alisha O’Keefe – Photographer
Infant crying with yellow cake in front of her besides other infants with cake
Alisha O’Keefe – Photographer

Clean up was a breeze and the babies went on their own way.

Shirtless infant with bowtie on smiles as he takes a bite of cake with his hand
Alisha O’Keefe – Photographer
Infants sit on ground with cake in front of them looking at each other
Alisha O’Keefe – Photographer
Three shirtless infants sitting with cake in front of them and frosting all over them
Alisha O’Keefe – Photographer
Infant with pink headband with bow sits with purple cake in front of her
Alisha O’Keefe – Photographer

The response from the photo has been incredible and I’m so grateful for everyone who’s seen the photo and shared it.

They are amazing babies and have the biggest futures ahead of them.”

Thirteen infants sit on ground outside with colorful cakes in front of them
Alisha O’Keefe – Photographer

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