‘It felt like the longest 3 days of my life, keeping the secret from him.’: After miscarriage, woman surprises Army husband with pregnancy before his deployment

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“My husband, Ben, and I got married on July 2, 2016, in Pittsburgh. Five days after we got married, we moved to Anchorage, Alaska, being that’s where Ben is stationed for the army. It wasn’t long before we started talking about starting a family of our own. In February 2017 we found out I was pregnant! We were beyond excited to welcome our first child. Unfortunately on April 5, at about nine weeks pregnant, I had a miscarriage and we lost the baby.

Right around the same time as the miscarriage, we also found out Ben would be deploying for nine months to a year to Afghanistan. Knowing he would be gone a lot for pre-deployment training between April and when he left in September, we didn’t think it was likely I would get pregnant again before he left, and figured we’d have to wait another year to even start trying for a baby again. We were completely devastated. As the deployment got closer, and each month passed with another negative test, we figured God was telling us now wasn’t our time to be parents.

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MJL AK Photography

Once August came, and we had only a few weeks left together before he left, we wanted to make the most of our time. I decided to schedule a photo shoot for Ben and me to have some new pictures taken.

Three days before the photo shoot, I decided to test again, expecting another negative test. To my surprise, it was positive! I was pregnant! I immediately emailed the photographer and we talked about how we would surprise Ben at the photo shoot. It felt like the longest three days of my life, keeping the secret from him, but I knew it would be worth it! The surprise went off without a hitch! Ben was shocked and absolutely thrilled!

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As excited as we were, the reality of me being pregnant and Ben leaving in two weeks set in. We decided it would be best if I moved home to Pittsburgh to be surrounded by family during the deployment instead of staying in Alaska by myself. Fortunately, Ben has been able to FaceTime for almost all of my appointments and we found out together (over FaceTime) that we are having a little girl!

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Lindsey Pisarcik

Now almost six months pregnant, Ben is planning on coming home early from the deployment for the birth, (as long as our little girl decides to wait for him)!”

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Lindsey Pisarcik

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