‘We used Zoom to ‘gather’ and share your gender. We did a drive-by and virtual ‘shower.’ I have loved ones who never saw my pregnant belly in person. I’m glad I can consider 2020 the year of YOU.’: Mom pens touching letter to ‘pandemic baby’

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“The pandemic baby.

We found out about you before the world flipped upside down. We went shopping one time, I bought tiny things in shades of gray and cream.

Courtesy of Kylee Lee

Then, the world got scary. And all of a sudden we had to stay home. No shopping, dining out, celebrating with friends. Nearly everyone found out about you via text message.

We used Zoom to ‘gather’ to share your gender. We did a drive-by and virtual ‘shower.’ I have loved ones who never saw my pregnant belly in person.

Courtesy of Kylee Lee

Daddy wasn’t allowed at most of my doctor’s appointments so I went alone. Our income was sliced in half as one of us had to stay home with your sister when the schools shut down.

We prepared for you in what felt like a surreal little bubble…where so many of the days ran together with no milestones to mark our passage through these past months. No recitals, vacations, trips, weddings, gatherings, end-of-school parties, or celebrations.

Courtesy of Kylee Lee

And in this private little bubble, we prepared for you. What we couldn’t get online was an ordeal to obtain. I wanted to choose things for you…to look at things and touch them and imagine you wearing or using them…but daddy was the only one who went into the stores to reduce the risk of me getting sick.

Courtesy of Kylee Lee

I haven’t even been grocery shopping since last March. My belly grew and we waited. We stayed home. We distanced. We wore masks. I even had to wear a mask as I pushed you from the safety of my body out into this crazy world.

No waiting mass of family and friends in the waiting room. No hospital bedside meeting with your sissy. Just us. And you.

Courtesy of Kylee Lee

Until we returned home to our bubble. I don’t know what the future has in store, but we are sure glad to have a bright spot for 2020. As it becomes a memory, I’m glad I can consider it the year of YOU, vs. the year of sickness.

Welcome earth-side, pandemic baby.”

Courtesy of Kylee Lee
Courtesy of Kylee Lee

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