‘I used to think my success as a mother was measured by my children’s milestones.’: Special needs mom urges ‘accomplishments don’t equal a life well-lived’

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“I used to think my success as a mother was measured by my children’s milestones.

If they were a valedictorian walking across a stage, or a bride walking down an aisle, it meant as a mother, I had done it right.

My worth was wrapped up in what they could accomplish.

And then I discovered both of my children had autism.

A few years into parenting children with special needs, I now know a secret few parents are privy to:

The only way to fully love a child is to love them for their identity—not their abilities.

Courtesy of Stephanie Hanrahan

Because of autism, I no longer see scored goals or straight As as markers of success. I no longer believe if I played an instrument then they must, too.

The most miraculous milestones in our household are their loud laughter, happy flaps, and a million other daily miracles which go unseen by the common eye, but sum up exactly who they are.

Children are made by us, but their identities are entirely unique. And a parent’s job is not to push a child toward performance or perfectionism or their own idea of success—it’s to embrace the person they were always intended to be.

Accomplishments don’t equal a life well-lived.

Acceptance does.

Every child deserves the opportunity to be themselves.”

Courtesy of Stephanie Hanrahan

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